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Her First [amazing!] Home Trade

The Spectacular Costa Brava, Spain

The Spectacular Costa Brava, Spain

This is her first home exchange holiday: A month in Spain, in a penthouse and she’ll meet her exchange partners in Dubai!  In the meantime I’m giddy and green with envy at the same time!

A Word of Warning

I’m positively giddy! I’m so excited for this NewTakeTravel friend that I can hardly stand it.

This must be pretty close to home exchanging at its best –the dream scenario that she can hardly believe herself.

Sharing how to tap into travel opportunities like this is exactly why I started this site in the first place.

A Dream Home Trade

How can a home exchanger who’s done 25 swaps still get excited about one? Well, try all of this happening to someone you’ve helped get started in the home swapping scene!

Blonde's Spanish Home Exchange

Days by the pool on a Home Swap ~Blonde’s Spanish Exchange Home

A month.

A European location that she knows the loves.

A Costa Brava penthouse with several bedrooms and baths, a pool and tennis courts, balconies with sea views.

And it gets better because she’s also been offered a second home –a villa that I’ll get to in a bit.

(Yes, all for free. But let’s keep going…)

An owner with two homes in Spain, currently living ‘ex-pat’ in Dubai.

And, my friend calling the exchange partner her ‘new BFF’, a like-minded soul who’s also into travel and new experiences and meeting people…who’s shared videos of her children’s wonderful musical talents…and has encouraged her to bring friends to their Madrid villa that is ‘really too big for just two people’.

Enough! Here’s the scoop.

A few months ago…

Home Trade? Hmm….

Beaches of the Costa Brava, Spain

The beaches of the Costa Brava, Spain

I met Blonde of Blonde Brunette Travel in the beautiful Costa Brava region of Spain. No surprise, as we talked travel and vacations I [just happened to] mention that I’m a Home Trade addict.

A few months later…

Her Home Exchange Leap

Beach Vacation? Costa Brava, Spain

Beach Vacation? Costa Brava, Spain

Blonde asked me to help her list her home for exchange. She picked the best home exchange website for her, looked at my home swap FAQs and then asked a few of her own. She listed her home and the rest is–

Suddenly, her tweets became, “I just got an exchange offer from ____” and “I just got a home swap offer from ___”

Alright already! (Jeesh! She kinda sounds like me!)

Then, a few hours ago…

A Crazy-Amazing 1st Home Exchange

A sunny home exchange penthouse in Spain

Blonde’s sunny home exchange penthouse ~Costa Brava, Spain

She sealed the deal on this fantastic one-month home trade for her Boston townhome. Seriously! Does a free stay get any better than this?!

She has her choice of

  • a penthouse in Callela de Palafrugell, Spain (on the Costa Brava which we both loved!)
  • or a villa near Madrid
  • and she’ll meet them at their current ex-pat home in Dubai first!
Home Exchange Penthouse Kitchen (Spain)

A modern kitchen, palms to cook by… Blonde’s home exchange in Spain

“Why Boston? Well, Daughter is enrolled in a summer music program and Mom will tag along. They need a comfortable place to stay, so they’re home swapping.

As for Blonde along the Costa Brava? It’s gorgeous. I’d love to return! Friendly, easy to get around, beaches, art, restaurants… And the coastline is truly stunning.

Blonde’s Take

Here’s Blonde’s take on her crazy-amazing 1st home exchange.

My Take

The stuff travel dreams are made of. *Sigh*

Your Take

Sound like a dream trip? What’s stopping you from trying home exchanging?

Author: Nola

Nola is passionate about travel and a home exchange diva. She shares how you can travel in comfort, save money while you do it, and splurge on travel treats with the savings. She is a travel writer, speaker and trainer.