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Tour Details

  • Guide, Transportation, Logistics, Vendors: Excellent
  • Duration: All day (9 hours)
  • As described in advertisement: Yes
  • Booked — an online booking website specializing in sightseeing and tourist activities in 85 countries.

Tour Tips

  • I did this in January which seemed ideal. Several people I talked to recommended against summer because of the heat, humidity and less wildlife viewing.
  • Budget and be prepared to tip the vendors (tour guide, airboat captain, lunch servers, boat tour captain).
  • Tours are usually non-refundable.
  • They pickup from a list of hotels. If you’re not staying at one of them, you can taxi or drive to the hotel and park.
  • If you’re parking, check the cost of parking on the hotel pickup list. You might want to drive to a different one if parking is less expensive.
  • It might be worth booking your pickup from the first hotel on their route (ask them which that would be). You’re more likely to get your choice of seats in the van.
  • Kids? This is a long day with a lot of driving. I think a half day with an airboat ride or an alligator park might be better.

Kudos to Here’s why: I made a note about our pickup when I submitted my online booking form. Before processing it, called me at home to clarify. They could have simply put through my booking and had the sale but instead called first. I think that’s impressive service.

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