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I will fully disclose all potential conflicts related to this site. It’s about integrity and respect.

My Motivation and Committment

Travel, home exchanging and other exceptional travel strategies are my passions. They’re why I started this site, and write and speak about them. I share with you what I’ve tried and knows works for me: information, strategies, techniques, services and products. That’s a big part of the value that I offer you.

If you’re going to read what I write, it better be worth your time, so what I write better be based on full and complete integrity. I know, understand and respect that.

I do not accept compensation that compromises my ability to offer up my honest opinion, recommendations and, when they are material, criticisms.

Recommendations and Sponsored Content

I won’t accept payment (in cash or in kind, commonly known as ‘freebies’) to write something positive.

I have accepted, and may in future accept, payments (in cash or in kind) that I anticipate will provide experiences and material of value to share with you, my readers. But it will only be accepted with agreement from the sponsoring party that

  • all communication about the experience is fully at my discretion.
  • I may opt to not communicate anything about the experience.
  • if I do communicate about the experience it will be truthful, and therefore, may be positive or negative.
  • the content will be disclosed as sponsored to readers.

If I do endorse something or someone, it will be grounded in a genuine appreciation for value I perceive if no form of payment had been involved.

When I choose to recommend a product or service, if there is a referral (affiliate) program available I may include a link on my site. This means that if you (or any of my other readers) click on a link on my site to a product or service, and decide to purchase it, the company will pay me a fee. And, I do appreciate it when my readers use those links if they’ve decided it’s a purchase that’s right for them.

That’s it, that’s all. As important as this is, if I were you I’d be tempted to return to the fun stuff!

Your Feedback

I’d like to hear your questions and comments. You can reach me here.