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About Nola

Photo of Nola Beard: Travel-Obsessed Founder, Lover of Beautiful Hotels and Home Exchange AficianadoI am travel-obsessed, a lover of beautiful hotels and a home exchange addict.

Being at home makes me crazy. I’d rather be ‘of no fixed address’.

I want it all. To travel the world. Explore places. Meet people. Learn how lives are lived differently. And I’ll take luxury over budget any day. (That’s where home exchanging comes in.)

I love my husband, cat, espresso maker and tandem road bike (in that politically correct order, of course). I know they all fit in a small car for a five-month road trip. I’ve flown with the tandem bike and the cat but not at the same time…yet.

I trained my cat to use a toilet instead of a litter box.

I’m a foodie. I eat ice cream for breakfast and I make killer guacamole (yes, I share recipes). I adore public art installations that dwarf me, make me think or make people laugh. I am sucked in by modern and mid-century architecture and cleanly executed interior design.

Stale days must be avoided. The unknowns of new places inspire me.

I know it’s the little things that make lives, people, days and places special. If I think a place is boring I know I’m not looking closely enough. I lost my heart to Italy at age 22 and return in search of it every chance I get.

I like smoothing the way for other people and that extends to their travel dreams. My travel passion bubbleth over and it’s time to share.