Travel Often & Richly Within Your Budget

About New Take Travel

New Take Travel is about How to Travel Often and Richly Within Your Budgethow to bridge the gap between dreaming about travel and being able to afford it.

It’s about adding new strategies to your travel mix so you can travel more.

It’s not about hostels and hitchhiking (unless you want it to be). Nor is it about budget travel, seat sales or timeshares, but they’re welcome in the mix.

It’s about how to see opportunities to vacation, travel or transplant everywhere you look. It’s about not sitting at home while you save for your next trip.

It’s about exchanging your home with other travelers to stay for free all over the world, and using those savings to fund your next travel dreams:  hotels, resorts, spas, cruises, flights, tours, dining…

It’s about travel inspiration, spiked with first-hand recommendations to fuel your dreams.

It’s about whatever makes travel rich for you.