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June 14, 2013
by Nola

Travel Iceland: On a Win and a Whim

An Icelandic Glacier

An ice-blue glacier hovers over the Arctic Ocean (Iceland)

A chance to travel Iceland. You (or at least I) don’t say “No” when it’s free, even if you do have to leave in 9 days!

The Unexpected

Finally, I have a minute to explain this craziness!

Do you ever wonder why it never happens to you? A win, I mean. Continue reading “Travel Iceland: On a Win and a Whim” »

March 31, 2013
by Nola
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How Can You Trust Strangers in Your Home?

A trustworthy exchanger arrives at a home swop

How do I trust my home is okay when I’m on a home exchange? (Yours truly in Venice, Italy)

I get asked this all the time. Inviting a home exchange partner –someone you’ve never met– into your house might seem a leap of faith. So how are experienced exchangers so confident?

Been There, Done That

Not long ago I received an email from our first home exchange partners. In it, she’d written: Continue reading “How Can You Trust Strangers in Your Home?” »

March 18, 2013
by Nola
Comments Off on Podcast: 101 Home Exchange Questions

Podcast: 101 Home Exchange Questions

Home Exchange can be your path to Tuscany

Could home exchanging pave your path to Tuscany?

(Well, close to 101!) You know all those questions you wish you could ask about home exchanging? They’re probably the same ones I had before my first home exchange. Well Joe asked them and he had me right there to answer them.

Listen in here as Average Joe puts home exchanging –and me– on the hot seat for his Travel Week podcast and personal finance website.

“How can you get to Tuscany?” and “What if you don’t live in a major tourist destination?” is only the start. Check it out, and then? I’d love to hear what you think!




February 27, 2013
by Nola
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Her First [amazing!] Home Trade

The Spectacular Costa Brava, Spain

The Spectacular Costa Brava, Spain

This is her first home exchange holiday: A month in Spain, in a penthouse and she’ll meet her exchange partners in Dubai!  In the meantime I’m giddy and green with envy at the same time!

A Word of Warning

I’m positively giddy! I’m so excited for this NewTakeTravel friend that I can hardly stand it.

This must be pretty close to home exchanging at its best –the dream scenario that  Continue reading “Her First [amazing!] Home Trade” »

February 22, 2013
by Nola
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A year-long home trade offer. Is this your moment?

A First Step: Moving to a Foreign Country

What could move you to try living in another country?

A home trade and staying free could make living overseas your reality. I received this offer from Spain for a year but had to decline. Is it your chance to live in another country?

That Nagging Dream: Life in Another Country

It’s crossed your mind, right? Okay, maybe it’s a pipe dream but you have thought about it: taking three or six months, maybe even a year, to live in another country. Continue reading “A year-long home trade offer. Is this your moment?” »

February 5, 2013
by Nola

Alligators, Dolphins and Airboats, Oh My!

Florida Everglades Tour: Alligators

Getting up close and personal with an alligator. ~Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Tours can help you make the best use of your vacation time (and home exchange savings) . Check out what we saw from Fort Lauderdale –in one day!– on this tour of The Florida Everglades.

What to do in Fort Lauderdale?

Do you have an extra day before your cruise? Or maybe, like me, you couldn’t resist a home exchange in sunny Florida?

Now the question is, what’s to see? Sure, there are all the city sights. But what does Florida have that you can’t see anywhere else?

Continue reading “Alligators, Dolphins and Airboats, Oh My!” »

January 28, 2013
by Nola

How to Stretch Your Travel Budget: Free Home Exchange Accommodation

An executive, ocean view home exchange.

Where I stayed for free in 6000 square feet ~Washington State, USA

To stretch your travel budget, nothing beats home exchanging. You stay for free. This intrigued Sicorra, the owner of the Tackling Our Debt blog. I gave her a money-saving picture of how you can home swap to not only stay free, but very nearly vacation for free, too.

Check it out at Tackling Our Debt.

Arrive at a Real Home Swap with me!

January 10, 2013 by Nola | 4 Comments

A real home exchange (video)

What’s it really like to turning the knob at a home exchange?

What’s it really like to arrive at a home exchange? To unlock the door, turn the knob and enter your vacation home? 

Join me as I arrive at my latest home swap, this time in Florida!

My Take

Every home swap is unique and Continue reading “Arrive at a Real Home Swap with me!” »

January 3, 2013
by Nola

The Home Swap Cure for Holiday PTSD (Post Travel Stress Disorder)

An aerial view of a snow-capped peak

More peaceful than most winter travel scenes

Holiday PTSD (Post Travel Stress Disorder). It’s real and it’s nasty, but some laughter along the way and a home swap at the end are exceptional cures.

Body Odor and Spousal Tiffs. Nice.

It’s January 3rd and now I’m listening to friends recount travel ‘horror’ stories born of Holiday Season airport, bus and highway messes. Tense moments, even tears, delays, body odor, sleeping on floors, fatigue-laden days, stiff necks, spousal tiffs…

Honestly, without these tales, what would anyone have to talk about on January 3rd?

Here’s the deal: It’s stressful. And it’s a good thing you have Continue reading “The Home Swap Cure for Holiday PTSD (Post Travel Stress Disorder)” »