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Meet Fussen

Sadly, we had to say goodbye to our sidekick, shadow, buddy and world traveler on Christmas Eve, 2013. We’re missing Füssen at every turn but are so grateful for the time we had and the unconditional love and fun he so generously brought to our lives. 



You may be considering letting us bring our 17-year-old cat, Fussen, to stay with us at your property.

His reputation is impeccable — from 5-star hotels and houses we’ve rented, to home exchanges we’ve done — and from 1 night to 5 months.

We are responsible pet owners and are committed to ensuring that travel with him works for him, us and you.

Please feel free to ask if you have other questions.


Fussen the cat sits by the pool

Fussen knows the good life ~Palm Desert, California


What about Fleas? Never once has he had a flea, even when we rescued him from the pound. We live on the 32nd floor so he lives indoors. I can assure you that we’d be on it in a nanosecond if we ever spotted a flea or indications of one.

What about Scratching? He hasn’t scratched in 4 years — we suppose a result of his age. Prior to that we had him trained to scratch a carpet and we traveled with it (still do, but he uses it as a sleeping mat now).

What about Shedding? Almost nothing — a result of diabetes and age. He used to shed great gobs and it made us crazy. But no more.

What about him being cooped up in the hotel room or rental home?  It’s his norm: he’s always lived 100% indoors in our high-rise apartment. He’ll sleep. If there’s a patio/yard, we’ll sometimes put on his harness and let him wander it briefly, but only if we’re with him.

How do you pronounce his name? FOO-sin.

Why do we travel with him?

  • Now, mainly because he has diabetes which requires insulin injections 2x/day. It’s (understandably!) hard to find people to stay with him and do that.
  • When traveling he’s relaxed and curious the whole time.
A relaxed cat lays in the sun.

Fussen’s happy and relaxed any place we call home.

  • If we leave him in kennels or with others (some family members excluded), we often return to health issues that the vets attribute to stress.
  • Because travel is really important to us, and it works for all 3 of us!

Where’s he been?

Here’s a sample. And in every case he’s left the accommodation in perfect condition.
  • A 5-month, 5-state road trip: Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona and Nevada. If we call it home, he’s happy just to be with us.
Cat cuddling with owner

Fussen’s happy wherever we are.

Cat Lying on bed at MGM Grand in Las Vegas

Fussen at our MGM Grand Residence Home Exchange ~Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

  • Marriott Hotel, La Jolla, California
Fussen supervising Paul as he fixes our bike at the Marriott Hotel in La Jolla, Califiornia

Fussen overseeing a bike fix ~Marriott Hotel, La Jolla, Califiornia

  • Victoria, BC (many times) — including the ferry trips!
Fussen sits in the back window of our car on a ferry trip.

Fussen is allowed out of his cage when we’re on a ferry.

  • Rental House, Palm Desert, California (5 months)
Traveling with a cat is easy if they are comfortable with it.

Fussen lounges by the pool in Palm Desert, California.

  • Palm Springs, California (2 weeks) — a home exchange
Fussen explores the patio at our Palm Springs Home Exchange

Fussen explores the patio at our Palm Springs home exchange. ~California

  • Palm Desert, California (1 week) — an rental
A cat poking his head out of a soft-sided flight travel bag.

Fussen ready for another flight.

  • La Quinta Inn, Auburn Washington
A cat lounges on a hotel room bed in Auburn, Washington, USA

Fussen welcomed by the La Quinta Inn ~Auburn, Washington, USA

  • Aava Hotel, Whistler, BC
Traveling with a cat is easy: they just sleep when you're not in the hotel room.

Wake me up when you’re ready to go, Mom. ~Aava Hotel, Whistler, BC, Canada

  • Even to one of Paul’s bike races in Washington State
Cat in a travel cage in a park. Washington State, USA.

Fussen watching Paul in a bicycle race. ~Washington State, USA.

Fussen’s Other Talent

Cat perched on toilet

Fussen used toilets for 14 years.


Until he was 14 and came to struggle with jumping and balance, he was trained to use the toilet.

It was fabulous to only have to flush, both at home and on the road!

But we can’t begrudge his age and still get to claim that he really is exceptional.


More Questions?

If you have any questions, we’re happy to answer them.

Warm regards to you!

Nola, Paul and Fussen