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November 23, 2012
by Nola

An Introduction to House Exchanges

Home Exchange Foyer

An Exceptional Arrival to this San Francisco Home Exchange

I was asked for an introduction to home exchanging — the ‘why and how’ of home swaps and tips for getting started — by Solo Traveler.  My ‘real home exchange’ inspiration for this guest post? Our 10th home exchange, in San Francisco, California.

Check it out here: Free Accommodation: Try a Home Exchange.

November 9, 2012
by Nola

Get Away With a Weekend Home Swap

Seattle Waterfront

Balcony View ~Seattle, Washington

Nearby home exchanges make it easy to get away…for perfect weekend getaways.

Do you remember what it feels like when your shoulders drop and you take that first deep breath –not because you’re trying to catch your breath, but– because you finally have the luxury of quiet, of time, of space, to take it?

Why don’t you get away for a weekend more often? Continue reading “Get Away With a Weekend Home Swap” »

November 8, 2012
by Nola
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Will my house be robbed?

Dali's Pomegranate Heart ~Dali Museum, Figueres, Spain

‘The Pomegranate Heart’ designed by Salvador Dali ~Dali-Jewels Gallery, Figueres, Spain

Is home exchanging safe? How do I know this person is who they say they are? Will there be a house there when I arrive? Here’s an introduction to good home exchanging practices so you can swap with confidence.

Are They Crazy?

You’re a reasonable person, right? Then of course you’re wondering how other supposedly reasonable people can home exchange. How do they not worry about Continue reading “Will my house be robbed?” »

November 7, 2012
by Nola

How I Lost My Home Exchange Virginity

The White House, with lawns and fountains in the foreground, taken while on vacation in Washington DC, USA.

The White House ~Washington DC, USA

My 1st home exchange didn’t exactly happen by design. But this is how I came to do my 1st exchange that led to 24 more.

Picture it

You’ve booked your flights and can’t help but smile a little. Maybe the best thing about a seat sale is that there’s no going back: no refund, done deal, you’re going on vacation.

This time it’s a two-week trip. You’ll stay with family in Montreal the first week and tour Washington DC the second.

A couple of days later you sit down to book DC accommodation. You want to be in the heart of the city Continue reading “How I Lost My Home Exchange Virginity” »

November 6, 2012
by Nola

3 Steps to Travel Often & Richly Within Your Budget

Taino Beach, Bahamas

Sun and sand ~Taino Beach, Bahamas

Want to go travel the world? Here’s the single most effective travel strategy to Travel Often & Richly Within Your Budget.

My travel bucket list was always bigger than my budget. Eight years later, I’m living out travel dreams. Now it’s time to share how you can, too.  Continue reading “3 Steps to Travel Often & Richly Within Your Budget” »

October 25, 2012
by Nola

Thanks for Checking In!

View of beach and bay from restaurant patio at Hotel Sant Roc, Calella de Palafrugell, Catalonia, Spain

Restaurant patio view ~Hotel Sant Roc, Calella de Palafrugell, Catalonia, Spain


New Take is about mixing it up! I’ve just returned from Spain and exploring Catalonia: the Costa Brava, Girona and Barcelona. This trip didn’t involve a home exchange but I was able to be there thanks to exchanging! Posts about Spain to come.

You’ll also see more travel strategies, the inside scoop on home exchanging, reviews and travel inspiration here soon.

Poke around and check out what this site is about and who‘s behind it. I’d love to hear what you think.