Travel Often & Richly Within Your Budget

Your Due Diligence

This is my disclaimer page. Somehow common sense isn’t always so common so I must…

The call’s all yours, ok?  I can tell you about the 20+ amazing experiences I’ve had home exchanging, the 50+ our first home exchange partners have had, and relay to you the amazing and wonderful experiences other exchangers have shared with me.

But every home exchange you consider needs to be assessed individually, by you.

Every time you accept a home exchange offer it is purely at your discretion, based on the confidence you have with the particular arrangement and the parties involved.

I take no responsibility for the decisions you, or anyone else, make to exchange your home or not.

And with that, let’s return to the fun…shall we? Maybe this is a good time for precautions you can take when assessing a home exchange offer and, if you decide you are confident, accept it.

Let the travel fun begin!

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