Travel Often & Richly Within Your Budget

3 Steps to Travel Often & Richly Within Your Budget

Taino Beach, Bahamas

Sun and sand ~Taino Beach, Bahamas

Want to go travel the world? Here’s the single most effective travel strategy to Travel Often & Richly Within Your Budget.

My travel bucket list was always bigger than my budget. Eight years later, I’m living out travel dreams. Now it’s time to share how you can, too. 

In three steps, here’s the single most effective travel strategy to Travel Often & Richly Within Your Budget.

Step #1 – Go on an uber-wonderful vacation using home exchange

Exchange your home with another traveler. Stay free in their home and they’ll stay in yours. Anywhere in the world.

I’ve done 25 home exchanges totaling 166 free nights and have saved at least $20,000. (We have never had a problem in our home and we’ve made great new friends, too.) It’s fun and rich unto itself, and it frees up my budget for other travel dreams.

You might even find that, for some vacations, the best hotel room in the world isn’t a hotel room at all. It might be a home.

Given accommodation is a substantial part of a typical travel budget, home exchanging stretches your budget beyond anything else. Pair exchanging with other discount strategies, like redeeming travel rewards points for free flights, to create the ultimate holiday deal.

Step #2 – Take budget stretching to the next level

Duomo ~Florence, Italy

Duomo ~Florence, Italy

Most home exchangers plan a vacation and arrange an exchange so they can stay for free. It’s a good plan but it doesn’t come close to maximizing the potential savings. And to do that you need to go beyond the average home exchange tips.

To take home exchange savings to the next level, recognize that an empty home is a future travel opportunity. Exchange your home every time it is empty for at least three days and you have other accommodation arranged.

This is only one of so many ways to maximize your home exchange savings. For eight years I’ve been finding and refining ways to maximize home exchanging. It fuels my travel obsession and could fuel yours.

Step #3 – Travel more


Cruising. The epitome of luxury?

Home exchanging is about acquiring a rich travel life, not giving it up. Exchanging is fabulous, but your travel dreams don’t end there, right?

Here’s the key: use your home exchange savings to fund your other travel dreams. Will you book a luxury hotel or an all-inclusive resort? An around-the-world ticket? Exceptional dining? A guest ranch? Or go further or stay longer.

There are so many extraordinary travel experiences out there and looking for some new ones is well worth dream-time. Shop smart. Do your research, read reviews, and connect with people who have ‘been there’.

New Take Travel isn’t just about how to travel often & richly. It’s about fueling your travel dreams: challenging you to think about travel differently, and providing inspiration, information, reviews and recommendations to help you find and define your own form of rich travel.


If you’re new to home exchanging, you’ve just stumbled into an incredible world of travel: amazing experiences and travel-passionate people.

If you’ve home exchanged before, challenge yourself. Are you really getting the most you can from it?

Living out your travel dreams is your ultimate reward.

My Take

I started home exchanging to save money.

It then became a way to fund all kinds of travel.

Now it is literally my way of life. And it’s time to share with you How to Travel Often & Richly Within Your Budget.

Your Take

What would you use your savings for?

Author: Nola

Nola is passionate about travel and a home exchange diva. She shares how you can travel in comfort, save money while you do it, and splurge on travel treats with the savings. She is a travel writer, speaker and trainer.

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